Your creative Latina, french fry loving, adventure seeking, and most importantly, new best friend in Colorado, (or where ever you need me).

I'm Jennise

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photos that capture emotions.

Love, Jennise

 Since I can remember, I have always found love and photography to be fascinating.  What initially piqued my curiosity about photos was seeing my mom constantly and consistently take photos of my family and me.       
Now, fast forward to the present, and I have hundreds of memories saved. I can essentially "transport" myself back to those moments when I reflect on them - and that's what I'll do for you. I'll be capturing the most true-to-life representation of you and your surroundings. Documenting all the feelings and moments whether we're shooting at your favorite neighborhood pub, eloping in the mountains, or exchanging vows at your dream location.

My story

"Life is about the little moments in time"
Soccer, eating, and sleeping
13 going on 30
Bad Bunny
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