35mm and 120 Film

When you choose to add film photography to any package, you enhance your wedding photography experience with a touch of nostalgia. You'll receive film scans ranging from 35mm film to 120 medium format film, adding a unique and timeless feel to your wedding gallery.

There's an unreal nostalgia associated with analog film on a wedding day—a feeling that digital photos simply can't replicate. For me, shooting weddings on film has been a transformative journey, making me a more mindful, creative, and attentive wedding photographer. This passion for film photography has been with me since 2017, leading me to be highly selective about the moments I choose to capture on film.

Unlike digital, where I can capture hundreds of photos without a second thought, film's constraints offer a different perspective. Each roll of film allows only 16-36 exposures, urging me to slow down, carefully consider composition and lighting, and time my shots perfectly to capture the essence in one take. Sometimes it's a perfect shot, sometimes it's not, but that's the beauty of film.

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