Urban East Austin Couples Shoot | Ademaris + Tyler


March 28, 2021

Jennise Burgos

I love this urban couples shoot!

Firstly, because it was my first time shooting in East Austin. (I haven’t explored much after moving down here from Dallas). I’ve actually been wanting to shoot here ever since I found out this area existed, which was just a few weeks prior. One thing I love about areas like this is that no matter where you walk or what you’re dressed like, there’s going to be an spot that fits the session. No corner is the same.

Secondly because look at how badass Ademaris + Tyler came out. Literally the most photogenic couple ever. How is it possible that I loved every photo? If you haven’t scrolled down yet, they killed every shot –  it’s honestly super easy to shoot couples that are crazy about their partners. Truly, nothing else matters when it comes to a session. It’s all about how comfortable you are with your partner.

Thirdly, because with sessions like these I challenge myself to grow more with photography: lighting, location scouting, and being in areas I’m not too familiar with. Recently I’ve been playing around with different lighting: direct light, shadowed areas — a good mix of both. I think it’s always important to get yourself out of your comfort zone, you’d be surprised by how much you can grow by doing this. As far as location, although I drove through the area a couple of times, I still wasn’t too familiar with it. Our meetup spot was at this textured white wall, which I believe is the side of hotel. We ended up shooting at a car mechanic’s wall, the middle of a street, a greenery common area, and then some train tracks. Believe or it not, the only place that was planned was the white wall. All we did was walk around! It’s always the sessions that aren’t heavily planned that turn out the best. I hope this challenges you to get out of your comfort zone! Some times it’s best to get a feel for a session and let things flow. Let yourself grow and try new things. I promise that’s where the best photos come from.

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