Urban Downtown Dallas, Texas Couples Session | Andrea + Roque


December 31, 2019

Jennise Burgos

Downtown vibes are the best vibes.

Anything that has the words “urban, city or adventure” I’m basically down to shoot.

I love the city so much, the lighting that reflects off the buildings, the offices, the feel that it’s alive – I love it aaaaall.

Andrea + Roque were the perfect couple to shoot here! 

Their sense of style and youthfulness was just the cherry on top. 

Andrea is a model here in Dallas and Roque might as well be because he hit every shot!

I want to say at least half of this shoot we were running around the streets trying to beat all cars passing by, yes i said running lol.

I think that’s the only thing about downtown that isn’t “ideal” – the traffic and abundance of cars zooming by. But honestly, that’s also what made it fun. Not having an exact plan and jumping in the streets as soon as the lights turn red. Shoots like these I live for. 

Lighting. Ohhh the lighting. I’m so so happy I was able to play with lighting. It was different in every location we shot at: straight in the sun, back lit, ouuu it was so fun. 

*For some reason I’m also obsessed with b&w photos at the moment. Soooo if you see these mostly b&w mind ya business HAHA. 

Check out these urban vibes below!

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