W. Magnolia Ave in Fort Worth, Texas Couples Session | Rose + Nathan


February 1, 2020

Jennise Burgos

Rose + Nathan…they are THE definition of childhood sweethearts, these cuties met during one of their middle school classes! I’M CRYING :’) One of the cutest couples I have shot. Their chemistry radiated from the moment we met, and they were super comfortable with each other (y’all can obviously see that down below)

I told them that they should quit their jobs and become models full-time, tell me y’all agree? LOL


Aight so check it…as I’ve said before I love LOVE cute, urban-scapes. Nothing screams this more than West Magnolia Street in Fort Worth, Texas. If you need a better picture…think of a lowkey South Congress Ave. in Austin, Texas with a looot more coffee shops. This is one of my favorite locations to shoot at in Fort Worth. There were tons of cute backdrops, like the Grow Plant Shop trailer or Melts Ice Cream!

Bonus points if y’all can guess what kind of ice cream they had 😂!

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